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Collet Chuck ER
Collet chuck Type ER for collets to DIN 6499
Super Collet Chuck
Super collet chuck with friction nut and wrench.
End Mill Holder (Weldon)
End mill holder (Weldon) - For cylindrical shanks according to DIN 1835 B.
End Mill Holder to DIN6359 with Coolant channel
End mill holder to DIN6359 with coolant channel (For cylindrical shanks according to DIN 1835 B).
End Mill Holder (Whistle Notch)
End mill holder to DIN6359 Whistle Notch (For cylindrical shanks according to DIN 1835 E).
Hi-Power Milling Chuck (HPMC)
Hi-power milling chuck - Features & Advantages.
Slim Hi-Power Milling Chuck (Slim HPMC)
Slim version of Hi-power milling chuck and its features /advantages.
Hydraulic Chuck
Hydraulic Expansion Chuck.
NC Drill Chuck
NC Drill Chuck
Morse Taper with Thread
Morse taper with thread DIN 6364 / 228A.
Morse Taper with Tang
Morse taper with tang to DIN 6383.
Threaded Arbor
Chucks for threaded milling heads.
Combi Shell Mill Holder
Combi shell mill holder to DIN 6358.
Shell Mill Holder
Shell mill holder to DIN 6357 for cutters with drive key.
Reduction Sleeves
Reduction Sleeves.
Boring Bar Blanks
Boring bar blanks.
Test Arbor
Test Mandrel. These gauge are without flange. Delivered in wooden box.
Collet Chuck Type ERC
Collet chuck Type ERC with internal coolant (ER-IC / EX-MC coolant nut) can be offered upon request.
FBT - Face Contact Holders
Face contact holders can be offered upon request. Simultaneous taper & flange fit. Dual contact - taper & face. Higher rigidity due to larger contact diameter.